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Title: Playing Both Sides
Rating: NC-17
Summary: As Hermione rested next to him, his sweaty cozy fingers found themselves wrapped around her body which was comfortably adjacent from his. She looked into his boyish grey eyes; sweat trickled down her body and gently hit the silky black sheets. Her eyes swelled up with tears. She suddenly threw back the covers, and started fiercely putting her clothes back on as tears ran down her face.
Disclaimer:I do not own any character’s except for Kelly and the plot! This really sucks by the way.
Playing Both Sides

Disclaimer: I do not own any character’s except for Kelly and the plot! This really sucks by the way.


As Hermione rested next to him, his sweaty cozy fingers found themselves wrapped around her body which was comfortably adjacent from his. She looked into his boyish grey eyes; sweat trickled down her body and gently hit the silky black sheets. Her eyes swelled up with tears. She suddenly threw back the covers, and started fiercely putting her clothes back on as tears ran down her face.

“What’s wrong?” Draco sat up in bed, and pulled the cover off of himself. He ran over to Hermione and seized her so harshly, she yelps in pain. He squeezed her face into his damp chest as she cry loudly.

She mumbles slightly between gasps and outburst of tears. “This is wrong! This is so wrong, Draco.” She grabbed on to his back and she buried her face into his skin. “This was a mistake! A big mistake!”

Draco, somewhat taken back by this comment, stares at the ceiling and sighs. “Was it that bad?”

Hermione glanced up at him, her eyes full of angry. “Does it always have to be about you?” She tried to pull away from his grasp but every time he held on tighter, not wanting to let go. She began to pound on his well build chest, screaming insults at him. He remanded silent as she stop fighting and slide down to the floor, Draco still holding onto her. She sat in his lap, face still in his chest. “Ron…” She murmured softly and gripped harder on Draco’s back.

Draco looked into the gorgeous girls eyes, as if he heard something that she couldn’t have said. “Wh...What did you say?” He snatched her by her arms and forced her face to meet his.

“What about Ron?” She looked down as a tear speckled onto her leg. Draco lightly placed her back onto his chest and they sat there. Draco’s back against the unmade bed and Hermione weeping into his chest.

Chapter One
Let’s Get it Together

“You never stick up for me!” A girl screamed at the top of her lungs. Her dress was of fur, and so tight she could barely walk. Her face was full of make-up. Her pretty face, red as like an apple on a flaming summer day. She was like a little baby doll, long hair embraced the central of her head in a disordered bun, and her flushed lips were small and full. Her well figured body was petty for her age, but it fit her. Her chestnut eyes screamed for love.

“What are you talking about, Kelly?” a slightly older boy was laid back in the chair. One of his legs were positioned onto the chair across from him, the other was on the ground in an up right position. His silver eyes were like looking into a full moon at night. His hair was hitting them softly but he brushed them away with his hand. In his other hand rested a magazine stated “Play wizard” With a half nude woman on the front. He turns the page and looked up at the girl. Her pants were loose on him that they almost hit the floor. Draco changed over the years. He use to be this big blonde punk but over years of maturing, he became Hogwarts biggest player. The only girls that didn’t droll over him where the girls that were too busy studying, which weren’t that many. But his new science project was Kelly Herman. Kelly came Draco’s six year. She was a blonde in heart, but her hair was a gleaming black and swing as she walked. Her eyes were like well kept lawn, and her smile was like diamonds.

Kelly slammed her back against the chair so hard it could be heard in the other room.

Draco chucked his magazine down and shot up! He picks Kelly up by her arms and forces her to stand. “What is wrong with you? You’re like a little kid! Kelly, I’m serious, if you keep acting like you control me, I’ll leave you! I can do better anyway!”

Tear developed in Kelly’s eyes, and then a rush of irritation swept over her like a bad plague. Her lips tremble and her hand quivered; as if she couldn’t control it she slapped him as hard as she could. She stood her ground.

There came a thump and a loud scream. In the cart next to them were Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny!

“What the hell!” Harry looked at the gang. “What is going on in there?’

“Sounds like Draco is beating the mess out of Kelly, if you ask me!” a red head girl had her head lying onto Harry’s lap. Her skin was velvety and the color of Vanilla topping. A tight golden dress draped across her body.

Harry gently pushed her off of him and got up, “I’m going to go say something to them!” Ginny raised her head slightly as her hair brushed against her neck.

“No Harry, Let me go!’ Hermione got up from the chair. She changed so much over the summer, Harry often forgot who she was, and that his girlfriend was in the room. From time to time Ginny saw him starting at Hermione’s legs. Hermione hair was a sun kissed blonde and hung to the middle of her back. No longer the wild twisted mess it had always been, it was now straight without a spilt end. Her skirt was denim and like a little sheep girls, ruffled, her legs were like a cake batter, smooth and hairless. Her top clung onto her body as if afraid to let go. It was red and cut so it hung off her shoulders. And on her small feet were red open toe shoes. “Its better that way, you might say something that he’ll find offensive and try to show off. I have nothing to worry about. Kelly and I are good friends, even though Draco doesn’t know it.”

Hermione strolls out of the room and knocks on the room in front of there's. She waits patently but when no one comes to the door she walks in. Kelly is sitting down in the chair, reading Draco’s magazine as Draco is over by the sink with a wet towel to his lip.

“Umm...” Hermione walks over to Kelly and pulls down the magazine to see if she was hiding anything, “Is everything alright over here?” Hermione doesn’t see one mark on Kelly’s face and softly whispers to her “Are you okay?”

Kelly yells so that Draco can hear her, “Oh I’m just fine. It’s Draco you have to worry about.” Hermione marches over to Draco and sees that his lip is busted and bleeding; she couldn’t help but to giggle. Draco angrily turns around and glares at Hermione!

“Everything is fine in here, you stupid Muddblood” Draco looks at Hermione and annoyed face fades into his common smirk. ”Well, Looks like the Muddblood finally grew up.” Draco stares at Hermione up and down and licks his lips, “Felt like a little change for you last year?”

“Bite me, Draco” Hermione turns to leave but Draco take hold of her arm; she turns around and looks into his face.

“Maybe one day, I will.” He let’s her arm go and looks at Kelly who is glaring at him. “What are you looking at?” he yells at her. Hermione rolls her eyes and walks back into the next room. Everybody watches her as she sits down on Ron’s lap and exhales noisily.
“Well.” Harry looks at Hermione with eager eyes, Ginny sleeping in his lap.

“They were...” Hermione started to ponder what just happened, “Fighting.”

“I knew it, I’m going to go over there and clobber Draco’s face in for hitting Kelly!”

“No! Draco didn’t hit Kelly. It’s seems Kelly was the one pounding on Draco...”

Harry sat back in his chair, “Wait. What!”

“Draco has a busted lip and everything!”

Hermione, Harry and Ron bust out in laugher, waking Ginny up. She mumbles slightly and goes back to sleep as Harry caresses her hair.

Back in Draco’s room. Kelly forgave Draco for his rude comment. Kelly straddled Draco as he lay across the seats. Draco kissed her as he took off her dress. Revealing her purple Bra and panties set. She kisses him slowly as he caresses her butt. Then she stops and looks him in the eyes...

“My mom is mad at me.” She said still looking forward.

“Why is that?”

“She mad at me because of you…”

Draco looked at his girlfriend, and “Man, why you’re Mom always sweating me? She is acting like I hit you or something! I’ll never hurt you, girl.”

“Well, I Mean, She is kind of right.”

Draco turns his head to the girl again, this time his eyes were sharp. “What do you mean she’s right?”

“Draco, you rip and run the streets everyday! What if one time, you don’t come home. Or worse someone try to get back at you through me? Then what!” She wipes her eyes. Draco realizes she was crying and kisses her softly.

“That won’t happen.”

“How do you know that?” Kelly get off of Draco and sits on the seat across from his, “How do you know that something might happen? You Don’t Know! You’re putting everyone around you in danger and you don’t even want to admit to it” She Sits back in her seat and looks at the ground.

Draco sits up and grinds her teeth to stop him from saying something.

“You act like I made you be with me! Nobody forced you into this relationship,” Kelly! If you want to leave just tell me.”

“Baby, you know I don’t want to leave you. But I can’t just wake up everyday and be afraid for you.” Kelly sits next to Draco and holds his hand.

“And I don’t want you to. There isn’t anybody that will hurt me or my girl.” He stroked her face and looked into her eyes. He reached in and gave her a soft peak on her lips and smiled at her. “Life is crazy. The way things just turn about, and how you have to deal with them, even when you don’t know how. And how the simplest things can make you happy, sad and anger at the same time. So many expectations to live up too, you forget what you really want, who you really are. And some things you never really accept, of course, these are the things that worry you the most. You have no idea what it’s like when you have to hide in your own house, because you’re scared. You’re scared from what on the other side of your bedroom door or what sick trick life is going put on you now, and expect you to get through it, but no one gets through it. No, we all just try to forget it, play like it never happened, which makes us even crazier than before.”

Kelly blinks with confusion. Draco holds her hands.

“But I know what I want. I want to be with you. I love you so much, and I’ll do anything for you. And I’m going to quit this stuff I’m doing. I’m going get a real job and hopefully one day, when you’re ready, I want to marry you.”
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