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Title: Playing Both Sides
Author: Shara
Rating: NC-17
Summary: As Hermione rested next to him, his sweaty cozy fingers found themselves wrapped around her body which was comfortably adjacent from his. She looked into his boyish gray eyes; sweat trickled down her body and gently hit the silky black sheets. Her eyes swelled up with tears. She suddenly threw back the covers, and started fiercely putting her clothes back on as tears ran down her face.
Disclaimer: I do not own any character’s except for Kelly and the plot! This really sucks by the way.

Chapter 2 : Behind Me, Is Nothing

Damn. She looks so good. Draco stares across the great hall, at the Gryffindor table. His eyes meet the blonde. Hermoine stares back at Draco for a minute, round, moon glasses sliding off her face. Her rosy lips were pursed tightly as if she was thinking. Draco looks down at the beauty then meets her eye contact, he tries to stop himself from chuckling but Hermoine looked so cute and sexy at the same time. He winks then looks back at the front where Dumbledore is speaking.

Hermoine looks down at her plate. All this attention she was getting was just down right weird. Even Semus, who recently just announced to the table, that he is gay, was staring at Hermoine. She took in a deep breath. Apparently, her best friend could tell something was troubling her.

“Hermoine…” Harry lifted his head slightly, still shoving the delicious food into his mouth, “Is everything alright?” Ron raised his head as well, looking at Hermoine.

“umm, Yea, I just think I need some rest.” Hermoine closes her book , Hogwarts, A History, of course, and got up from the table, “See you guys tomorrow.” She strolls out of the Great hall and stops at the entrance, It was dark and empty. She sighs and rests her back again the wall. It was cold and giving her a shock, but she liked the feeling. Her eyes slowly went down and soon she was staring at blankness. She raised her foot, so it rested on her wall, with her legs slightly open.

“You look hot.”

The voice startled her, she suddenly opens her eyes and pushes herself from off the wall. When she realizes when the voice was coming from, she relaxes. “Ohh, It’s just you Draco. What are you looking for? Kelly isn’t around here.” She closes her eyes again, pretending his presence didn’t bother her, when really inside she was afraid of what he might actually do.

Draco walks up to her slowly, he attempts to touch her face but was stopped by a soft whisper.

“Yes, I know I’m hot by the way, but you shouldn’t worry about me.” Hermoine kept her eyes closed and rested her back once again on the cool wall. Draco rolls his eyes and pulls out a napkin and wipes her softly against Hermoine profile.

“I meant temperature, Muddblood. Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Hermoine eyes shot open. He just had to say it, didn’t he? She pushes herself off of the wall and met Draco eye to eye. “Wouldn’t be a day in Hogwarts, without you call me a Muddblood, huh? Well, that shit doesn’t bother me, okay?” She tries to walk away. Draco seizes her arm and pushes her firmly against the wall. Inches from her face, his lips centimeters from hers.

Through his tight grasp, she can barely move, the hold was starting to hurt her, “You’re getting a little to fond of grabbing my arm, Malfoy!” She wiggles a little bit, to see how much room she actually has to break free. Draco doesn’t say a word, just stares into Hermoine’s chestnut eyes, then down to her thin lips. “Malfoy please get off of me…” Hermoine wiggles some more as in to show she wants him to release her.

Draco slowly rests his face on Hermoine’s shoulder so his mouth meets her ear, “You sure you don’t like this, Ganger?” He moves his head and roughly licks her neck, “Ever dreamed what it would be like to be with someone as great as me? Or am I just wasting my time trying to impress you?” He then releases one of her arms and rests it on her bare thigh. As if she couldn’t control herself, she let out a soft moan. “So you do like it, huh? Like the feel of my body pressed up against yours?”

What am I doing? Wait a minute, what is HE doing? “Draco, let me go.” She lightly moves his hand and closes her eyes. Draco let’s his other hand gently slide off of her wrist but doesn’t move his body. He raises the right hand which was rested on her thigh and caresses it while he moves under her skirt. Hermoine let’s out another moan.

“You don’t want me to do that?” Draco presses his body harder onto Hermoine, so close she can feel his member harden on her.

“ Draco, GET OFF ME!” Hermoine opens her eyes and glares into the face of her enemy. Without warning she pushes her so hard, he nearly falls back. A surprised look sweeps over his face but is then followed by a smirk. She brushes her hair from her face, her cheeks red as rare meat, she stands her ground.

“Hermoine, there is not reason for you to pretend with me,” Draco smiles at her “Anyone can see you want what I’m giving you, or for that matter...What I WILL give you.”

“Is that how you get girls, Malfoy?” Hermoine leans on her hip, “Forcing them? That’s pathetic!”

“There is nothing behind me, Hermoine. Is dark back there. I’ll show you something you’ll never forget.” Draco turns and walks up to the Slytherin common room. Leaving Hermoine there watching him.

Chapter One
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